31 Modern And Edgy Wedding Invitations

31 Modern And Edgy Wedding Invitations

    If you are planning a modern or minimalist wedding or wanna add a fresh modern feel to the wedding, order modern and edgy wedding invitations. There are various types and colors you may pull off but the main thing is design: it should be laconic. We’ve prepared some ideas to inspire you, enjoy!

Acrylic Wedding Invitations

    Acryl is a very modern and fresh idea and it’s widely used for modern and minimalist weddings. You can, of course, rock acrylic wedding invites with white, metallic or black lettering and with various shapes. You may also go creative with acrylic invites making acrylic boxes filled with moss or greenery or add sparkles to the invitations. Get more of acrylic beauty here.

Neutral Wedding Invitations

    Modern and especially minimalist weddings are often styled in neutrals and neutral invitations will be very natural in such a case. Go for pure whites or add some subtle colors – greys, tan, blush, beige and other neutrals. You may also add a raw hem for a cooler and catchier look or some geometric shapes or touches to the invites.

Colored Wedding Invitations

    If you want to turn on colors, think of rocking contrasting colors that match your wedding color scheme: black and white, emerald and white, grey and blush and burgundy and gold and others. Spruce up your invitation suite with metallic touches and voila, a cool set is done!

by Chloe

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