31 Gorgeous Micro Wedding Reception Ideas

More and more couples today opt for small and even micro weddings, those where there are 10-15 guests and that’s it. Such weddings are very intimate, very tender and very heart-warming, in my opinion, at such a wedding a couple has more time to spend with each other and catch the moment and more time to communicate with the guests. But whether your wedding is big or small, it requires fabulous decor, a touching ceremony space, a welcoming lounge and an inviting reception. Here are some ideas on creating a beautiful and soulful micro wedding reception.

How To Make Your Micro Wedding Reception Jaw-Dropping?

Styling a micro wedding reception is the same as a big one: you consider the style and the color scheme you are rocking at the wedding. Choose blooms, greenery, foliage and other details to make the tablescape dressed. But even having a micro reception doesn’t mean you don’t want it to look fashion-forward, so if you do, you may go for an overhead wedding installation over the table – that will be a statement! You may also opt for some macrame and woven lampshades over the table or for some greenery and bulbs down – depending on the style. Dried flowers, greenery, fronds and of course pampas grass are an ultimate choice for a trendy reception.

How To Make Your Micro Wedding Reception Cozy?

Adding a cozy and intimate feel to a micro wedding reception is a must, and the easiest way to do that is to add light. These can be LED lights interweaving a table runner or some candles in candleholders or candlesticks. Potted plants and blooms will also make everyone feel homey, besides it’s a very sustainable idea.

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