30 Edgy Geometric Wedding Ideas [Part 2]

Geometry is a hot wedding trend to rock and it matches many wedding styles and themes. You may incorporate geometry into your wedding décor in many ways, here they are!

Geometric Wedding Décor

Rock a geometric wedding arch or backdrop – it can be a triangle arch, a triangle wedding backdrop with elements floating in mid-air, a hexagon wedding arch decorated with blooms and greenery or any other geometric shape that you like. You may add macramé, candle lanterns, florals and greenery of various kinds to create a backdrop of your dream.

A wedding centerpiece can be also geometric, it can be a terrarium, a faceted vase with blooms and greenery of various kinds. You may add geometric signage and stationery that you like – in the colors and style of your wedding. Create a bold dessert display of hexagons decorated with florals, too.

Geometric Wedding Cakes

Finish off your wedding with a wedding cake with geometric detailing in various bold colors, or even go for a wedding cake that features geometrically shaped tiers. Go for bright colors and ombre or marbleized effects to make your wedding cake even more spectacular.

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