28 Loft Wedding Reception Decor Ideas

Loft weddings are very popular, and loft venues are usually rather industrial and harsh-looking, which some couples may like and others not. How to decorate a loft wedding venue to make it gorgeous? You may go two ways: highlight the rough industrial look of your venue and embrace it or soften and refresh it. Need some ideas to do that? Here they are!

Accent Industrial Style

Embrace your venue and rock everything industrial! Metal chairs, elegant faceted copper pendant lamps, bulbs, greenery and bulb centerpieces, rock concrete stands and holders for centerpieces and just for candles to enlighten the venue. Geometry and faceting is also a nice idea for industrial spaces, incorporate as much as you want.

Soften And Refresh The Look

Softening the industrial look is easy: decorate the venue with various kinds of greenery and blooms that match your style and colors. Rock amazing floral and greenery chandeliers and overhead installations, add matching runners and centerpieces, decorate the chairs. Rustic touches like pallet wood, kraft paper banners and baskets also soften the space. Enjoy!

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