26 Gorgeous Light Wedding Canopies And Tunnels

Wedding lights are incredibly important as they create a mood, an ambience, light up the space and highlight some zones. As many weddings are outdoor now, there’s a new and bold wedding light trend arisen – a light wedding tunnel or canopy. Wanna know more about them?

Light Wedding Canopies

We used to cover the reception space with string lights, they hung just over the tables and that’s it. But a light wedding canopy comfortable covers the tables creating a tunnel over them, so your wedding reception feels very cozy and very intimate, even if it’s a large wedding. Choose warm or cold lights, pair them up with candles, go for a super bright or calmer canopy depending on the amount of light you want and create a mood in your space – such a canopy is a great idea for an outdoor wedding reception. Taking pics here and staying here with your closest ones will be unforgettable!

Light Wedding Tunnels  

A light wedding tunnel might be used instead of a wedding arch, and in such a case you may add greenery and blooms to it. Another way to go is rocking such a tunnel leading to the reception, which will create a romantic mood and will make it one of the most Instagramable zones of your venue. The good news is that you may DIY such a tunnel yourself having enough lights and taking measurements, so you can save the budget and get a very trendy and fashionable wedding decoration. Get inspired!

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