25 Cool Balloon Wedding Arches And Backdrops

Balloons always scream party like nothing else! If you love parties and are planning a party-like wedding with much fun, using balloons in your wedding decor may be a nice idea. Today I’d like to share some gorgeous balloon wedding arches and backdrops, and maybe you’ll get inspired to have one for your wedding.

Balloon Wedding Arches

Round wedding arches are very trendy, and covering one with balloons will make it spectacular! You may go for one color of balloons or go for different shades or even show off an ombre effect. How to refresh the look? Cover one half with balloons and another part with leaves, blooms and grasses. Mixing up balloons with greenery, blooms, succulents, tassels and other stuff you like and covering the whole arch will make it unforgettable. Advantages? A balloon wedding arch is a very budget-friendly thing, it can be DIYed easily, and whatever the shape and the colors are, you are sure to get a very out of the box wedding decoration.

Balloon Wedding Backdrops

Wedding backdrops are a nice idea, and if a fresh flower wall can cost you a real ton of money and can become a great splurge, a balloon wall is much more budget-friendly, even if you add a bit of blooms or greenery. Play with the size and colors of the balloons to achieve a more unusual look. Enjoy some pretty examples below!

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