23 Ways To Decorate Your Wedding With Pantone’s 2017 Color

23 Ways To Decorate Your Wedding With Pantone’s 2017 Color

    Pantone has officially announced that greenery will be the colors of 2017 – this is kind of shade of zesty green and yellow or lime. What does it mean for your big day? It means that you can get a super bold and trendy wedding without breaking the budget as greenery is easy to get and add!


    Greenery shade is rather a bold one, so you needn’t too much of that to keep your wedding stylish. Ask your bridesmaids to go greenery dresses or shoes, buy a pair of nice stylish heels in this color for yourself. The groom and groomsmen can wear greenery and ivory boutonnieres made of fresh leaves and flowers.

Decor And Florals

    Greenery is perfect for spring and summer weddings and for tropical nuptials with its bold cheer. Crispy white and sunny yellow are the best pairs for this color. Add foliage or limes in the same colors and colorful glasses and napkins to keep the color combo. As for florals, there are different ideas in this shade of green, and you can rock such bouquets to add an eye-catchy touch.


    Lime will be the king of your menu! Make lime margaritas and lemonade, lime popsicles, cupcakes and of course your cake. They will refresh everyone and you will stick to the trendiest color of 2017!

by Chloe

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