2021 Hottest Wedding Decor Trends And 43 Ideas

2021 will be better than 2020, we are sure of this as love always wins! And that means that we’ll see more fantastic weddings and wedding shoots that will blow our minds! It’s high time to take a look at some 2021 wedding decor trends in case you are looking for some special ideas.

Retro Colors

Retro color palettes including rust, mustard, orange, muted red shades are extremely popular just like the 70s weddings themselves. Mix up all things boho and 70s in one and add a matching color palette to get a super trendy wedding!

Dried Blooms

Dried florals became a huge trend two years ago and they are totally on, they aren’t going anywhere. Dried blooms are more budget-friendly, they won’t wither and look spectacular with fresh ones, which will give you breathtaking floral arrangements.

Overhead Installations

Overhead installations are totally back – we see more and more of this beauty over receptions and dance floors and as alternative wedding altars. As weddings are getting smaller, couples tend to splurge on decor and food, and such an installation is a hot idea.

Lush Florals

Focus on voluminous floral arrangements to make a statement! Lush florals turn your reception or ceremony space into an enchanted one, they bring joy and impress, so if your wedding was postponed and now you are having it – please yourself with jaw-dropping blooms!

Lots of Greenery

Greenery will never go out of style, and those no-flower weddings with greenery and foliage only are amazing. If you don’t want any blooms or want to save the budget, then lush greenery is your choice for sure. Rock lush installations, table runners and backdrops and make your space a living forest!

Unique Lighting

Think of creative light solutions that will spruce up the space, for example, a light tent over your outdoor reception, a light corridor or a backdrop – these beautiful light will accent you and your ceremony, will give the space a warm and inviting feel at the same time.

Colorful Weddings

We are all super tired of various things that happened, and we want to cheer and please ourselves and bright colors are perfect for that. Bold shades will make your wedding vivacious, cheerful, energetic and bright, everybody will feel at ease. Play with any colors you like or rock all of them and enjoy!

Decor from Home

Bring some decor for your wedding ceremony, reception and lounge from home, save some money on that. As we no longer have giant weddings now, it can be a nice idea – you needn’t take a lot of rentals for a small amount of guests. Go fully sustainable with such decor and save your money!

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