20 Trendy Wedding Food Walls And Displays

Wedding catering is an important part of your wedding décor, food is no less important than entertaining. You can raise your wedding to a new level with creative and unique wedding food stations, and these ideas will help you!

Wedding Food Walls

A wall is perhaps the trendiest wedding catering idea for now, and you can display anything on it, from drinks to food and from donuts to ice creams. Your wall can be of wood or plywood or you may go for a modern feel with a clear wall. Add greenery, flowers or lights or all of them together and voila!

Other Ideas

There are so many creative ways to display food! For example, you can rock a pretzel stand with hooks, a ladder with desserts, monograms with donuts or a make a fun bacon stand with an open shelf and a marquee sign, the possibilities are endless, just turn on your imagination and create something special for your own wedding!  

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