20 Trendy Summer Wedding Arches And Altars

20 Trendy Summer Wedding Arches And Altars

    Summer wedding season is approaching, and all the summer couples are rushing with their decor and other things to get ready. We’ve prepared some ideas to help: the trendiest summer wedding arches and altars that are suitable for various weddings.

Circle Wedding Arches

    Oversized floral and greenery wedding wreath arches are extremely popular for any season and wedding style. Rock an oversized piece with the florals of your choice, greenery and you may even hang some crystals. You may also go for only greenery or blooms too, if you like.

Lush Floral Wedding Arches

    Summer is the time of blooms, and a lush floral wedding arch is a gorgeous idea. It may be covered with greenery and lots and lots of flowers of all kinds – those that you have chosen for your wedding decor or just super bold and colorful ones – don’t be afraid to mix all the shades if you like brightness.

Other Ideas

    A greenery wedding arch is also a cool idea, plus non-floral decor is in trend. Incorporate pampas grass or go only for it – it’s another super popular idea. Rock a modern wedding backdrop with greenery and white blooms on it, or prefer a vintage window backdrop decorated with flowers and greenery. Enjoy!

by Mia

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