20 Giant Floral Circular Wedding Arches

20 Giant Wedding Wreaths

    Wreaths are a traditional decoration for different events and occasions including weddings. But there’s a huge trend popping up now – giant wedding wreaths, and saying giant I really mean that! These really big cuties look awesome and can become amazing backdrops for your ceremony, photo booth and just couple portraits – they look like a bold statement.

Floral Giant Wreaths

    It can be a grapevine, a driftwood or any other type of wreath covered with different flowers and greenery – choose the same blooms as for the whole wedding. They may be gentle and subtle, for example, blush ones, or very bold ones – purple, red, fuchsia. All-white wreaths look very glam, and you can also add hanging crystals or lanterns. Greenery and flowers can be used for a textural look, and if you want a more glam wreath, stick to only blooms.

Greenery Giant Wreaths

    If flowers don’t fit your wedding style much, stick to greenery or herbs – evergreens, leaves and stuff like that. Such wreaths look great for desert, coastal, boho and mountain weddings, for example. Such a wreath can be used even as a swing for the bride, get inspired!

by Chloe

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