20 Edgy Edison Bulb Wedding Ideas

20 Edgy Edison Bulb Wedding Ideas

    String lights and candles are common for lighting up wedding venues but what about Edison bulbs? Bulbs may seem a bit old-fashioned but they are hot: they bring vintage and industrial fleur to your space and may be used not only for lighting up spaces. Here are some ideas!

Edison Bulb Lighting

    Light up your wedding ceremony space and reception with Edison bulbs! Hang them to the arch, hang them over the ceremony space, decorate a living tree with them if there’s any. Create a large overhead decoration using greenery, blooms and bulbs to make a statement in your reception.

Other Ideas

    You may also use bulbs to top your wedding cake, to mark each place setting, to create little terrariums or as vases to line up your wedding aisle. Write a table number on the bulb and use it to decorate your table. Get inspired!

by Mia

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