15 Wonderful DIY Garlands For Wedding Decor

    Wanna create cool wedding decor without wasting much money? It’s time for DIY! Let’s have a look at garlands that you can make yourself and then use for decor or as a background. Paper garlands are on top because you needn’t any skills to make them and you have some paper at home – that’s for sure! Paper lanterns garlands are ideal for a spring or summer wedding – just imagine how they will sparkle in your garden! Take cardboard and make something original – for example, a letter garland: that’s a cool idea and a way to say the most important words. Pompoms and tassels are always trendy and easy to make; lace hearts garland is a very romantic piece, and mirror and lights garland can become a fantastic shining background! And, of course, fresh flowers shouldn’t be forgotten – they are always to the point and suit any wedding style. Read the tutorials below and start creating!

by Chloe

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