98 Stylish And Comfy Winter Bridal Cover Ups

If you are a winter bride, you keep in mind that the day might be cold and you may want to cozy up. Pay attention to cover ups, shawls, jackets and coats because they not only keep you warm but also finish off your beautiful bridal look. Today designers offer tons of ideas for you to look gorgeous and unique while feeling comfy and cozy.

Faux Fur Jackets and Coats

Faux fur is a timeless idea for fall and winter brides as there are tons of options to choose from, so faux fur matches almost any bridal look. Faux fur may look more natural or be super bold and colorful – it depends on the look you want and the amount of color you are looking for.

Coats And Jackets  

Coats are great for romantic brides and for those who chose vintage wedding style or maybe Russian winter wedding theme. A jacket is a cool idea, especially if it’s of some contrasting color like red, grey or blue one – choose a red one if you are having a Christmas wedding. A fabric jacket can be combined with a big warm knit scarf and gloves; a crocheted or a knit jacket will add a cozy rustic feeling to your bridal look, and you can easily make it yourself or ask your mom or granny to do that.

Faux Fur and Crochet Cover Ups

A faux fur shawl or a cover up is another timeless idea to rock – it works with any look you can imagine. Play with textures and colors or go for a crochet or knit cover up for a cozy rustic feel in the look.

Cardigans and Sweaters

What can be cozier than wearing a warm cardigan in winter? More and more brides opt for lovely cardigans for their big days, and sweaters are welcome, too! you may not only add this piece to cozy up your look but also make it part of your outfit – wear trousers and a sweaters instead of a dress, so fresh and cool!

Other Winter Cover Ups

What else can you rock to feel warm on a cold day? a Crochet bolero with faux fur, a trendy capelet in any color that you like, a large and warm scarf and many other options, get inspired!

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