100 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Dresses You’ll Love

Gorgeous Winter Wedding Dresses You'll Love

    Winter weddings sparkle just like the snowflakes outside, and if you haven’t chosen a dress yet, look at the amazing ones we’ve found for you! A winter bride can feel and look a fairy, the Snow Queen, a top model and so on – depending on the dress you’ll choose and the décor you like.
    Lace dresses are never out of fashion, especially those with vintage touches as they highlight your femininity.
Winter is a cool season that not only allows but also inspires girls to wear fur and feathers, so you can pick up a gorgeous gown decorated with them or maybe a wrap and a purse. Fur and feathers will accent your look and remind everyone that a winter wedding is really an awesome event!
    Dresses embellished with rhinestones, sequins and beads are very up-to-date, and they don’t look noisy in winter.
    A long-sleeved dress is number one variant in fall or winter as it not only looks exquisite but also keeps you warm.
    For daring brides a coat-dress or a dress combined with a fur jacket is a stylish and elegant idea. Colors are as always up to you – from snow white and ivory to blush pink and hot red – express yourself and enjoy your big day!

by Mia

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