35 Gorgeous Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

35 Gorgeous Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

    A long sleeve wedding dress is a great idea for a fall, winter or early spring wedding to feel warm during an outdoor ceremony or outdoor shooting. I’d like to inspire you today to choose a beautiful long sleeve gown showing the best ideas from all around the web, let’s get started.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

    You can find any gorgeous dress with long sleeves today – a lace or a plain one, with a deep cut neckline or an open back, with sequins or beading or both. There are stunning modern and minimalist long sleeve wedding dresses with almost no detailing – this way your curves will be highlighted the best way possible. You can find romantic lace and lace applique wedding dressesmermaid and sheath ones, ballgowns aren’t that popular today, and most brides prefer more natural silhouettes. Rock beads, sequins, rhinestones, plunging necklines, eye-catchy backs and details to stand out.

Colored Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

    Colored wedding dresses have found their place in many brides’ hearts, and there are many shades to choose from: blue, grey, pink, red, gold, copper and even emerald. There are all kinds of silhouettes, necklines and detailing to try – choose what fits your bridal style and colors of your wedding.

Long Sleeve Bridal Separates

    A bridal separate is a trend to stay, and there are very beautiful long sleeve ones. A boho long sleeve separate with buttons, a modern one with a plain skirt and a lace applique top and many others to choose from – find your best piece!

by Chloe

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