28 Edgy Plain Wedding Dresses

28 Plain Wedding Dresses

    Plain wedding dresses, modern and minimalist ones, are getting more and more popularity, especially after one more Royal wedding – isn’t Meghan Markle’s look super sophisticated? I think Meghan really inspired more brides over the world to choose a plain wedding dress, and if you are looking for some examples, I’m ready to share some.

Statement Back

    Go for a statement back to make your plain wedding dress wow. It can be a cutout back on ties or not, with various shapes – geometric, oval or any other that you like. Try a fully open back for a super sexy look and not to feel to hot on your wedding day. To make the silhouette more fitting, add buttons on the back, they will also add a refined touch.

Statement Neckline

    A statement neckline can be also a nice idea to highlight your bridal look, and the trendiest and most popular idea is a plunging neckline, which is a chic and jaw-dropping way to show off yourself. Off the shoulder necklines are an amazingly romantic way, and Duchess Meghan proved it very well rocking her royal wedding dress.

Other Ideas

    If want neither a statement back, nor a statement neckline, have a look at classic plain wedding dresses with long sleeves and a high neckline. Have a look at slip dresses, that are classics, too, and are very good for tropical and just hot locations. Make a statement with fabric – why not wear a silk plain wedding dress? Surprise with a high low skirt with a train, it’s a chic idea and you will stand out in such a dress. Get more ideas below and look wow!

by Chloe

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