54 See Through And Naked Wedding Dresses

If you are a daring bride looking for a way to stand out and express your personality, there’s a bold trend right now – naked and see through wedding dresses. They look incredibly sexy inspite of the amount of your body, which is seen through the dress – they are all very hot! More and more brides, especially celebrities, choose such gowns to highlight every part of their gorgeous bodies. Wanna see some examples? Let’s start!
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All Sheer Everything

If you are a daring girl who wants to show off her stunning curves, this is your way to go. There are many completely sheer wedding dresses to choose from – all sheer ones, with pearls and rhinestones, with embroidery and appliques that cover some places strategically or are used just for detailing. nude, ivory, white, blush – there are many other colors but neutrals are on top. If you feel like it’s your dress but aren’t completely sure about too much body shown, just wear a slip underdress instead of a bodysuit.

Sheer Parts

If you want to accent just some part of your body and reduce the amount of your curves shown, prefer a dress with only one sheer part – a skirt or a bodice. The bodice will often have some detailing placed strategically on it to keep the look more cohesive, usually these are lace applique, embroidery and embellishments of various kinds. As for the skirts, if you are wearing a sheer one, you may wear a bodysuit underneath. Get inspired, girls, and be gorgeous on your big day and on all the other days!

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