25 Colorful Groom Attire Ideas For A Statement

25 Colorful Groom Attire Ideas For A Statement

    If you are a groom who doesn’t feel like traditional black or blue on the big day, there are tons of bright and chic ideas for you. Emerald, burgundy, mauve, pink, teal, turquoise and even floral prints – you are sure to find how to express your style! Look at the bold ideas we’ve gathered for you and choose!

Turquoise / Teal

    Turquoise and teal are all the rage right now! More and more grooms choose these shades to show off their style and express personality. Pair a teal or turquoise suit with black and white items and your look will be a nice take on classics or go wild and add a waistcoat of a different color and a bright tie to achieve a unique look.

Shades Of Green

    Emerald green is close to classics – this is a very popular color for those who feel like going bold. An emerald suit with a white shirt and amber or brown accessories is all about chic and elegance. A green velvet tux is a gorgeous way to go – accessorize it with black and you’ll look flawless. You may also try dark green if you don’t want too bright colors.

Shades Of Pink

    Pink, blush, mauve are non-traditional colors for grooms, so you’ll definitely stand out with such a suit or a blazer. Paired with neutrals or whites, such colors will give you a very romantic and tender look.


    Burgundy is a hot color if you don’t feel like traditional shades and wanna look bold. Many grooms go for burgundy for fall and winter weddings to stand out in a pale or snowy setting. Pair such a suit with black and white and you’ll love the result. Be bold!

by Chloe

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