23 Coolest Beach Groom Looks

23 Coolest Beach Groom Looks

    Beach weddings are on all year round because there’s always a corner of our planet with adorable beaches and hot weather. We decided to share some fresh groom looks for beach weddings – grooms create more and more stylish and personalized outfits for their ceremonies, and all of them are worth seeing!

Informal Outfits

    More and more grooms prefer relaxed looks, and it’s especially true about beach weddings. Rock pants that you like, add a white and maybe a hat and suspenders. Most grooms prefer barefoot looks but you may also wear moccasins. The colors are up to you and your wedding color combo though blues and creamy shades are timeless for beach ceremonies.

Informal Outfits With Jackets

    If you want an informal yet elegant look, try a suit with no tie. Choose a proper single-breast suit, add a shirt and a boutonniere, and voila – a chic look is done! Another idea is to build up your own outfit with pants and a jacket that look nice together. Stylish moccasins, a handkerchief and elegant belts are welcome for creating a chic outfit!

Outfits With Suits

    If you want a preppy look, a nice suit is your choice. If it’s not too hot, go for a three-piece one or a tuxedo, if not – choose a single-breast suit. Add a tie or a bow tie, suspenders, if you like and shoes or go barefoot. One of the coolest ideas is a suit with a vest instead of a jacket – you won’t feel boiling in it.

by Mia

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