Fall Bridesmaids’ Guide: 34 Trendiest Dress Ideas

Fall Bridesmaids’ Guide: 34 Trendiest Dress Ideas

    Fall is coming and fall couples are already choosing the last details and touches to add. If you haven’t decided on your bridesmaids’ dresses or want to change something, I’ve prepared a whole bunch of ideas you may steal. Ready to see them? Let’s go!

All-Different Mismatching Bridesmaids’ Dresses

    The hottest trend currently is mismatching bridesmaids’ dresses, and not just different in some ways, absolutely different – in color, design and pattern. Rocking all different gowns helps express the style of each girl at its best, show her individuality and create a bold statement. This trend appeared because of the popularity of boho chic style but all different gowns will fit many wedding styles, not only boho. Go jewel tones, floral prints, bold necklines and various skirts, if you want to give your bridesmaids a somehow unified look – try the same type of fabric or only a muted or bright color scheme.

Two Toned Mismatching Bridesmaids’ Dresses

    Many brides today go for two colors, mostly jewel tones, to rock. They are usually from the wedding color scheme but not necessarily. Red and burgundy, teal and plum, emerald and navy – there are many more combos you may try. In this case the dresses are usually more or less the same or matching in some way and the statement is made with the bold shades.

Matching Bridesmaids’ Dresses

    Absolutely the same bridesmaids’ dresses are classics and though they aren’t so popular now, you can never go wrong with them if you don’t know what to choose or don’t wanna puzzle over this thing. The good idea to make bridesmaids refreshing is to rock more or less the same gowns but with different necklines or skirts or both to highlight each girls’ style. Get inspired and dress up your gals the best way possible!

by Chloe

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