22 Chic Tropical Bridesmaid Dresses To Steal

22 Chic Tropical Bridesmaid Dresses To Steal

    If you are planning a tropical wedding, you’ll have to carefully choose outfits for everyone as hot weather may become a problem. What are your gals going to wear? Keep in mind that choosing bridesmaid dresses for a tropical wedding requires natural and airy fabrics and not fitting silhouettes to let the skin breathe. Now let’s take a look at the colors!

Neutrals And Pastels

    Neutrals are perfect for tropical weddings – neutral and light shades reflect sunlight and the girls won’t overheat. Try white, off-white, ivory, creamy, tan, beige and taupe and go for all kinds of designs that your friends like. Matching dresses are classics but you may also mix and match to show off the style of each girl. Pastels like light green, blush, light blue are also welcome to avoid overheating, play with the designs to make your bridesmaids stand out.

Tropical Prints

    Tropical prints and floral prints are very popular for tropical weddings, it’s a great idea to add print and color and to highlight the bride in neutrals. If you are going dark or bright, you should find airy and natural fabrics to avoid any overheating as such color don’t reflect sunlight.

by Mia

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