48 Cutest Dog Wedding Attire Ideas

If you have a pet, including it into your big day is important: taking pics with your cat, taking your dog to the ceremony and many other touching moments will make your wedding day even better. Style your pet for the wedding to make it look fabulous! Today’s roundup is about the cutest wedding attire you can imagine, just get ready for an immense dose of cuteness as we are going to discuss dog wedding attire ideas!

Dog Wedding Collars

The first and the easiest idea to try is a wedding collar, which can be a usual collar that you may accessorize with rhinestones, pearls or a large bow. This idea is a very budget-friendly solution that can be DIYed fast. A greenery or flower collar is another great idea for a wedding, just keep in mind that some flowers and plants can be poisonous and avoid them, and some plants may feature tiny thorns that may harm your pet, and skip them, too. Advantages: won’t break the budget and won’t take much time to make or find; is comfortable for wearing. Disadvantages: not a very festive look for a refined wedding.

Dog Wedding Bandanas

A bandana is another option for a wedding, and as it’s larger, it may feature some letters, quotes, it can show off a small tuxedo or a suit. A bandana can show off the colors and prints you chose for your wedding, or its style, for example, a macrame bandana is a nice idea for a boho wedding. Advantages: is budget-friendly and easy to make yourself, is comfortable for wearing. Disadvantages: not the boldest look that will turn heads, not very comfy for small dogs.

Dog Wedding Suits

Suits are the most popular idea for dogs at a wedding, they can show off a tuxedo or a suit with or without a tie. Usually such a suit imitates a groom or groomsman suit but you may also try various colors, looks and prints. If you want to give a softer look to your doggo, you may opt for a floral suit or romper. Advantages: super stylish and bold attire, in which your pet will steal the show. Disadvantages: may be expensive, not very comfortable for your dog to wear.

Dog Wedding Dresses

Yes, your pet may wear a gorgeous dress! Such a dress often imitates a wedding dress but you may go any colors, prints and designs you like and that fit your doggie. Advantages: unique and creative attire that will turn heads. Disadvantages: not very comfortable for wearing, may cost you a pretty penny.

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