41 Bridal Couple Outfits For Same Sex Weddings

41 Bridal Couple Outfits For Same Sex Weddings

    Today we are embracing the most beautiful bridal looks from the same sex marriages. These are the best ideas from the brides that nailed it, and I was totally charmed while looking at these stunning couples, I hope to inspire you, too.

One Bride In Pants, The Second In A Dress

    Some brides prefer wearing a pantsuit or at least pants and a shirt. If it’s a vintage or retro wedding, you can go for pants, a shirt, a tie and suspenders, with or without a jacket. A vest is another cool idea instead of a jacket. I totally love elegant cropped pantsuits and jumpsuits in black and white that look very feminine, timeless and chic, especially with heels. The second bride often prefers wearing a gorgeous wedding dress, so keep it in mind to choose at least somehow corresponding outfits.

Dresses For Both Brides

    If you both want dresses, there are thousands of ideas to try. Most of brides prefer dresses in the same style or in the same color but of course it’s up to you. You may choose the 20s-inspred gowns with different but matching design, or try similar gowns but in different colors like ivory and mint. Another idea is going for different gowns and styles but the same color to look awesome together. This way you will show off your personality and individuality and look amazing together. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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