39 Chic Winter Wedding Coverups to Try

39 Chic Winter Wedding Coverups to Try

    Winter wedding season is coming, and you still don’t know how to cover up? Here we are with a bunch of cool ideas to try!

Blazers, Boleros and Capes

    If it isn’t too cold or if you are ready for some discomfort, take a blazer or a bolero. Take a contrasting blazer to show off your wedding dress. A sequin bolero is another great idea to add a little sparkle to your look. A refined lace and embellished cape is amazing for making a statement and to add a sophisticated touch to your bridal look.


    A cardigan is the most popular cover up because it’s budget-friendly and looks sweet, besides it’s warm enough. Choose a neutral or a contrasting cardigan to show off your dress. You can also choose sequin cardigans and add a glitter touch. It can be a cropped or a wrapped one to highlight your curves and perfectly fit your dress.

Faux Fur

    Fur is perhaps the most chic and cool way to cover up because it’s great for every bride and can highlight any dress. Fur really gives you a feeling of warmth and comfort, whether it’s a stole or a coat with short sleeves. Choose a shrug or a stole you like in the shades that fit your look and be gorgeous!


    If it’s really cold outside, rock a cool coat! It can be a usual or a fur one, it’s up to you and weather. A chic bold coat is not less awesome than a fur stole, and it perfectly fits vintage wedding style.

Other Ideas

    Some other ideas may include a flannel shirt or a knit shawl. Find your fave shirt and put it on, it will make your look awesomely rustic and festive-like. Knit your own shawl or cover up or take your grandma’s one as something old. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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