33 Cool Winter Bridal Cover Ups And Coats

Getting married in winter? Then you should be ready for a case when weather goes bad – cold, snowy and moody, especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony or a portraits. Everyone should be ready to get dressed accordingly: to wear warm fabrics, accessories and cover ups, and today we’ll take a look at perhaps one of the most important accessories at a cold day wedding – a bridal cover up.

Winter Bridal Coats

The most trendy and edgy bridal cover up for today is a faux fur coat (yes, faux fur, here, at happywedd, we don’t support wearing natural fur or leather). A faux fur coat can feature various colors, from the most natural ones like brown and grey to the most unusual ones like dark green, pink or blue. Such a coat will be a bold and edgy accessory that will add a fashionable touch even to the simplest outfit. One more idea here is a shearling coat, which is a great solution for mostly a rustic or a boho bridal look. Choose it in some natural shades and pair up with a floral or greenery crown and hiking boots to achieve a maximal effect.

Other Winter Bridal Cover Ups

Let’s be honest: faux fur stoles and shawls aren’t in trend right now and if you can switch to a boho printed cover up (like literally a blanket), just do it. If no, keep in mind that a faux fur stole will add a vintage feel to your look and it will be modern and fresh only in case you are rocking a minimalist look with a plain dress and statement accessories. But still if vintage charm is what you are looking for, rock a faux fur stole of any desired color! Get inspired to be bold!

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