30 Winter Wonderland Wedding Dresses That Wow

Winter wonderland is a timeless wedding theme, which never goes out of style. If you are a bride choosing a look, consider something sparkling, maybe colored but with modern trends up, too. We’ve prepared a whole bunch of ideas that may impress you. Get inspired!

Colored Winter Wonderland Wedding Dresses

Blue is one of the most popular colors for winter wedding dresses, and here it will do for sure – you’ll look like an ice queen! Blue is also a very trendy color on the whole, so feel free to find a proper shade and choose a dress of your dream with embellishments and lace and make a statement with it.

Silver is another popular color for a winter wedding – it’s associated with sparkling snow like no other. Rock a fantastic silver wedding dress, fully or partly embellished. It may have any neckline and design, though if you are interested in trends, a deep V-neckline or a plunging one will be great. Tan and blush wedding dresses will be also very chic and you’ll stand out in the snow or in pale winter colors. Choose a ballgown or an A-line one with white lace or sparkles.

Neutral Winter Wonderland Wedding Dresses

If you prefer neutrals and if you want something winter wonderland-inspired, choose lace and embellishments. Get a fully embellished dress, try a fully lace one with an A-line skirt, go for a separate with an embellished crop top and a plain skirt, think of see-through dresses and covered plunging necklines. Make their jaws drop!

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