30 Wedding Dresses With Beautiful Backs

We are suckers for gorgeous wedding dresses here at HappyWedd and especially for fabulous detailing! Trendy sleeves, intricate beading and embroidery, catchy skirts and sexy necklines will make your wedding look one-of-kind and today I’d like to share some of such gowns. A catchy back can express your personal style and add a bold touch to the look, enjoy these gorgeous dresses!

Cutout Backs

If you don’t want a backless wedding dress, you may go for a cutout one. It can be an illusion lace back with a cutout, a crop top with an embellished and cutout back, a modern wedding dress with a slight cutout that features geometry, or a romantic lace wedding dress with a keyhole cutout. I totally admire geometric cutouts with a single button between them – this is hot ad trendy! Your cutout back can feature other detailing, too: beading, lace, illusion touches, ties and bows – find what you like!

Other Backs

Other ideas can be crisscross backs, heavily embellished backs and laced up backs – there are tons of ideas to go for! An even if you dress has only an open back or no back, you may add some detailing there, too: straps, laces, embellishments and so on. Be bold!

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