30 Stylish Mother Of The Bride Dresses

30 Stylish Mother Of The Bride Dresses

    If you daughter is getting married, it’s high time to dress up! Today I’m sharing some chic and elegant ideas for mothers, they will suit both grooms’ and brides’ ones and I’m sure every lady will find her inspiration here!


    If you love glam, if your daughter’s wedding is all about glam or you just want to make a shiny statement, choose a dress with embellishments or sequins. It can be a fully covered sequin dress, the most popular look is a sheath sleeveless or short-sleeves one in the color that you like: red, black, silver, gold or any other. There are various maxi gowns with embellishments that will flatter your figure and they can be also found in all the colors you can imagine. Lace looks nice with embellishments, so such a combo is great for your gown.


    If you want a more neutral look, choose a lace dress: maxi, over the knee or midi. Most mothers of the brides prefer neutrals: off-white, white, light grey, ivory and so on but you may try anything you like: navy, blush, dusty pink, gold and much more. The dress can be with a lace bodice and a plain skirt, which is a hot trend.

Other Ideas

    If you are a mother of a modern bride, why not prefer a plain maxi dress with some catchy detailing? A floral gown, a flattering black dress with a capelet – leave a lasting impression!
    If you are a mom with a curvy figure, head over here!

by Chloe

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