30 Bridal Separates For Fashion-Forward Ladies

Bridal separates are a trend that is here to stay – they fit most of bridal styles, there are tons of ideas to fit even the most refined taste and you may create a look yourself pairing two different pieces or buy a ready combo. If you want to try it but aren’t sure, we’ve prepared a whole bunch of very inspiring examples that will convince you at once!

Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

Talking of two-piece wedding dresses, I mean ready wedding gowns that come in two pieces, usually it’s a crop top or just a top and a skirt, and both parts match perfectly. They can be of lace or boho lace, plain or embellished, it’s totally up to you and what you love. Choose any necklines and silhouettes that you like, the good thing is that everything is already matched and you won’t have to puzzle about it!

Bridal Separates

A bridal separate usually features two parts that are coordinating but are still contrasting a bit, for example, it’s a lace top and a plain skirt. You may find an embellished top and pair it with a plain skirt, a neutral top and a watercolor or ombre skirt, a sweater and a skirt that coordinates, a silk top and a full A-line skirt and many other options. Get inspired!

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