Hot Wedding Trend: 29 Leather Jackets For Brides

29 Hot Wedding Trend: Leather Jackets For Brides

    What’s the most popular wedding coverup now? It’s a leather jacket, one of the hottest wedding trends currently and it will be on in many years because rocking leather jackets is timeless. Hand painted leather jackets are even more popular now – add a personalized touch to the jacket to make a statement. Let’s have a look at some chic ideas.

Bridal Leather Jackets

    Bridal leather jackets are amazing! The current trend is about rocking contrasting ones, not just white or cream-colored. Take your favorite leather jacket – black, amber, brown, cognac or any other, the more interesting detailing it has, the cooler you’ll look – zips, embroidery, pockets and studs. If you think that a leather jacket is a good idea only for modern, minimalist and rock-n-roll gowns, you are wrong, the most feminine your dress looks, the cooler will be the contrast.

Hand Painted Leather Jackets

    Personalize your leather jacket with some calligraphy and hand painting. The most popular idea is painting some flowers to add a romantic touch to the look. Look at the ideas we’ve prepared and enjoy!

by Mia

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