28 Trendy Boho Groom Attire Ideas

Boho chic style is officially ruling the world! We see more and more gorgeous weddings done in this style, and we keep sharing ideas for couples going this way. We’ve already shared some boho groom attire and as there have been many requests on more fresh examples, we’d like to show them.

Looks With No Jacket

If you prefer no jacket looks or if it’s too hot to rock a jacket, keep your look to a shirt and suspenders, a shirt + a tie, a shirt + a waistcoat. The shirt may be white, grey, blue or even floral, which is a hot trend. Go for a usual or bolo tie, or try suspenders, or add a waistcoat, maybe even of suede to add texture to the look. The pants may be velvet, linen, cotton or of any other material that you like but better choose natural fabrics. Go for leather or suede boots and a hat to accessorize the look.

Looks With Jackets

If you are going to include a jacket into your look, it may be a suit, mismatching pants and a jacket or even a look with a denim or leather jacket. Put on a gorgeous floral suit or a suit of some bold color, or go for pants or even jeans and add a denim or leather jacket. Add a tie or a bolo tie and accessorize your look with a hat. Voila! 

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