47 Dreamy Enchanted Forest Wedding Dresses

Planning an enchanted forest wedding? Then you’ll have to pull off cool enchanted forest wedding attire, too! Today’s roundup is for enchanted forest brides – we’ve prepared a whole bunch of jaw-dropping and breathtaking bridal looks for such weddings, get ready to swoon over!

Neutral Enchanted Forest Wedding Dresses

A neutral enchanted forest wedding dress can be embellished, can feature lace appliques, lace inserts and various kinds of deep cutouts and necklines to make a statement. Enchanted forest bridal looks are often about fairy tales, so such a dress can feature colorful embroidery and embellishments, too, mostly botanical and floral ones.

Colorful Enchanted Forest Wedding Dresses

What colors are the best ones for an enchanted forest wedding dress? First of all, green, as it’s the most natural forest color. Many forest brides choose grey as this is a natural and dreamy color, too, blush as this is one of the most girlish ideas ever, and even gold to stand out from the forest greenery. All of them can feature various kinds of detailing: lace appliques (matching or contrasting ones), embroidery, beading, dried flowers, even an ombre or color block effect for a more modern look. Take a look at the ideas below and get inspired!

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