26 Romantic Grey Wedding Dresses And Separates

If you are a bride who wants to make a statement with her wedding dress color and don’t wanna look traditional, greys are for you. You may opt for lighter and subtler shades of grey or rock darker, graphite ones, and there are tons of ideas to choose from, take a look at the examples we’ve gathered for you!

Grey Wedding Dresses

There are lots of beautiful wedding dresses for any taste: plain and lace, embellished and not, long and short, sheath and with full skirt, and tons of shades are present – each girl will be able to choose what fits her. If you are a celestial bride, go for a dress embellished with stars, if you are a coastal bride, prefer embellishments and pearls, if you love bolder modern looks, think of embroidery and embellishments on the bodice. All kinds of detailing you love are welcome!

Grey Wedding Separates

A separate is a trendy alternative to a usual wedding dress, and it can be fully in grey or partly in grey and partly in some neutrals. If you are a minimalist bride, why not wear a grey skirt, a neutral sweater or top and that’s it? Romantic grey lace separates are also welcome, and if you want something very sexy, go for a crop top and an ombre grey skirt – you’ll look super bold! Get inspired!

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