24 Show-Stopping Wedding Veils

24 Show-Stopping Wedding Veils

    If you are a bride who wants to stand out, you can make a statement with your dress or accessories, and I have a couple of amazing ideas that will make your jaw drop. Here are some stunning veils that will catch everybody’s eye.

Embellished Wedding Veils

    If you want to accentuate your look, there’s nothing better than an embellished wedding veil. It can be detailed with pearls, sequins, rhinestones, gold flakes, stars or a mix of any of these details. Don’t be excessive, some pearls spilt on the veil on rhinestones closer to the edge are perfect.

Applique Wedding Veils

    A lace applique wedding veil is a great idea – it’s timeless and very chic, lace appliques can be used only along the rim, or if it’s a cap veil, it can be on top, too. You can also go for a floral lace applique – such appliques can be even realistic ones. Enjoy and stand out!

by Mia

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