2022 Wedding Dress Trends And 100 Ideas

2022 is here and I can’t wait to share all the hottest wedding trends of this year! If you are getting married in 2022, you might be wondering what’s on currently and what edgy touches to add to your celebration. Here are the edgiest, boldest and hottest wedding dress trends for you, dear brides, and I hope that you will find your only one dress or outfit below! If reading an article isn’t very comfortable for you, we have also a video here:


Colorful Wedding Dresses

Turn on the colors, sweeties! After all that we’ve been through, isn’t it the best time to celebrate and rock all the crazy shades and go for colorful galore on your big day? Besides traditional blush and pastel blues, you may go for any tones you like, from mustard and emerald to fiery red and hot pink, no limits!


Two Piece Wedding Dresses

Bridal separates of all kinds seem to have become classics, and if you want to flaunt your abs a bit or just to add an eye-catchy detail to your look, this is it! This year mostly two piece wedding dresses are on – those that match each other perfectly, and you may wear your wedding dress afterwards – put on your top and jeans or go for a t-shirt and your skirt for some other occasions.

Wedding Pantsuits

Pantsuits and actually just pants are totally on! Elegant creamy pantsuits, usual or three-piece ones will make your bridal look outstanding and very chic, especially if you go for chic heels. You may add a crop top under the blazer to have an opportunity to take it off at some point, or just skip this idea. More than that, you may wear a pant separate – elegant palazzo pants with some cool crop top, that’s a hot idea!


Short Wedding Dresses

A little white dress isn’t going anywhere, this is one of the hottest ideas for many years, and now with all the city hall ceremonies and mini weddings and elopements it’s totally on. A blazer wedding dress, a plain minimalist one or a shiny fringe short dress (just for dancing during the reception) or any other short gown you like – it’s up to you!

High Low Wedding Dresses

Various playful, catchy and original designs are a hot idea this year, and high low wedding dresses are among them. Why not show off your legs and shoes or boots wearing a chic and playful high low wedding dress? This year such dresses are more about plain fabric and pleats, though if you want some color – feel free to rock a crazy bright tulle wedding dress with a high low skirt!


High Neckline Wedding Dresses

High necklines are always a good idea as they are very comfortable to wear, and you can pair them up with an open or heavily cutout back getting a jaw-dropping look. Turtle necklines and just high necklines on wedding dresses are very actual this year.

Square Neckline Wedding Dresses

If you don’t mind a bit of romance and femininity in your wedding day look, a square neckline on your wedding dress may be a solution. It looks very delicate and sexy and shows off your tender nature, especially paired with cute puff sleeves.  

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Dive into more feminine and elegant beauty with off the shoulder wedding dresses! In 2022, this trend is more about modern plain wedding dresses but with a very feminine and chic off the shoulder neckline that will catch an eye.


Puff Sleeve Wedding Dresses

These cuties don’t seem to be going anywhere! Just like square necklines, they are among long-lasting trends to add a playful and very girlish feel to your outfit. They can be very delicate and subtle or oversized and statement-like, it’s totally up to you!


Ruffle Wedding Dresses

Ruffles are back! Girls, who missed them – here they are again! And this year ruffles are like crazy ruffle galore – a wedding dress completely covered with ruffles, or a wedding dress with a full skirt of ruffles and with a long train, plus a bold color, this is about making a statement for real!

Corset Wedding Dresses

Visible corsetry as another super feminine and sexy detail is a trendy way to style your wedding dress. And again, the trend is more about modern plain wedding dresses with corsets, than about lace, take a look!

Black Accent Wedding Dresses

A bit of black in detailing can never spoil a wedding dress, this is the idea of this trend. Style your white or colored wedding dress with a black sash or ribbon bow, add black lace applique or some other type of detailing you enjoy and support it in your outfit.

Cutout Wedding Dresses

Sexy cutouts, deep necklines and open backs plus thigh high slits have never been more actual than now. Show off your beauty in all the ways possible and be proud of your gorgeous body!

Floral Wedding Dresses

Floral wedding dresses are totally back, and now more bright and bold than ever! Pink, blue, green, yellow, red and many other colors are welcome to show off your love to color and floral prints and applique or embroidery to show your love to flora! Make a feminine and sweet statement with your fantastic colorful floral wedding dress!

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