20 Chic And Comfy Bridal Looks With Sweaters

20 Chic And Comfy Bridal Looks With Sweaters

    Baby, it’s cold outside! And soon it’ll be even colder, which means that it’s time to warm up. If we take bridal attire, a nice coverup is exactly what you need. A faux fur stole, a cardigan, a coat, a fur coat, a scarf or a jacket can be a nice idea – choose whatever you like! A sweater can be another great idea to rock, and more and more brides prefer them. A sweater can be put on a wedding dress as a coverup or you may just go for a cool separate of a sweater and a skirt for a modern or minimalist look. Here are some ideas you may like.

A Sweater Over The Dress

    Put on a gorgeous sweater over your wedding dress, if you want a neutral color, go for white, off-white, grey or beige, if you feel like a contrast, take any bright color you like, from mustard to burgundy. Bring in texture choosing mohair, angora, cashmere or going for a chunky knit piece. Oversized and slouchy sweaters are very popular, so choosing such an idea will add a trendy feel to your look. Cable knit sweaters are classics for winter, they always work. You may also pair a sweater with a faux fur scarf or a belt on your waist.

A Sweater + A Skirt

    More and more girls prefer bridal separates, which allow creating their own unique looks and saving much money, too. If it’s cold, a sweater and a skirt is a great separate idea, which is also extremely trendy. Such separates are usually of more or less one color but you may play with shades and textures. You may also go for a grey + ivory combo or try something more colorful if you like – turn on your imagination and get inspired!

by Mia

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