20 Casual Groom Outfits You’ll Love

Casual means comfort and effortless chic and many couple go for simple casual weddings now. If you are groom looking for inspiration for his outfit for the big day, this roundup is right what you need – I’ve gathered the coolest casual groom looks from around the web!

Looks With Jackets

If you wanna style a suit in a more casual way, go for a simple plain shirt, maybe a bit unbuttoned on top or a neutral t-shirt, for shoes or sneakers with no socks, this way you look will be fresh and modern. You may also try a mismatching look – a jacket of one color and pants of another but they should match somehow, just add a white shirt and shoes and go! Leather and denim jackets will help you create even more relaxed looks, you may pair them with a plain shirt and colored pants or jeans.

Looks With No Jackets

Skip the jacket for a more relaxed look or if it’s hot – wear jeans or pants and a plain shirt and sneakers or shoes and add a boutonniere – and you are ready to go!

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