36 Stunning Bridal Belts And Sashes

    Accessories are very important for every bride, they highlight your style. Statement jewelry, breathtaking headpieces and clutches finish your bridal look. Today I’d like to share the most beautiful sashes and belt that I’ve found; this is an accessory that not every bride wants but it can really make a statement! (more…)

13 DIY Brooch Wedding Bouquets That You Can Make

via  projectwedding.com     I’d like to continue the brooch bouquet theme, and to be practical I’d like to share the tutorials of them with you. Actually, the most important part of every such tutorial is gathering your brooches – here everything is up to you and your imagination: vintage or modern ones; then (more…)

95 Brooch Wedding Bouquets That Will Strike You

    Every bride holds a bouquet, and it’s a very important thing that helps to complete your bridal look. If you are looking for something special, go for a brooch bouquet. God, I just can’t help admiring this cuteness! Colorful, eye-catching and exquisite brooch bouquets just take your breath away! The advantages (more…)

Pets At Weddings: 63 Cutie Ideas

    Many of us have pets – I think even most of us. How to incorporate your pet into your big day? Oh, the cutiest idea is to make save the dates with your pet holding a sign with your date! Or you can just hold your pet to show that he (more…)

60 Halloween Wedding Bouquets To Get Inspired

    There’s no bride without a bouquet! Halloween weddings are unique and I think that every touch and detail on your big day should be unusual. A traditional Halloween wedding bouquet is dark red roses or callas but add a playful touch using black feathers or spider brooches. Brooch bouquets look amazing, (more…)

52 Statement Bridal Accessories That Wow

    Make your bridal look shining with cool accessories! Jewelry is what makes your look finished and polished, and statement jewelry accessories are very trendy. Almost any gown allows a cool statement necklace, no matter what beads, designs and colors you choose. A statement bracelet or ring is also a great idea, (more…)

30 Wedding Cocktail Drink Stirrers

    Attention to details is the key to success, and that’s the reason why you should think over every inch on your big day. Today we’ll see how to fancy your wedding drinks – just add cute drink stirrers to make every cocktail shine! Here everything depends on your wedding theme or (more…)

28 Awesome Wedding Half Updos

    Updos are traditional for brides but why not show your hair up making a half updo? A half updo looks very beautiful and gives a romantic twist, no matter which idea you choose. Curly or not, with accessories or flowers, with braids or a knot – everything depends on your bridal (more…)

How To Style Your Wedding Napkins: 80 Ideas

    Styling your reception you think of centerpieces, tablecloths and table runners, menus and placemats but don’t forget the napkins! Accessorizing them is a good idea to highlight your style and complement the table décor. Consider your wedding style and style the napkins accordingly: for a rustic celebration add twine, twigs and (more…)

41 Wedding Bouquet Handles And Holders

    Continuing the topic of wedding bouquet décor, I’d like to share some cool handles and holders with you. Handles and holders are steadier and support the bouquet better, it’s very comfy if you have a big one or a creative shape like a cascade bouquet. The most popular handle is a (more…)

22 DIY Wedding Bouquets For Every Bride

via  somethingturquoise.com     Today Chloe and I decided to round up some cool ideas connected with bouquets, and I’ve found awesome bouquet tutorials that will help you to make a bouquet of your dream without any professional help. Making a bouquet yourself is great because you can personalize it as you like and (more…)

50 Comfort Without Sacrifices: Gorgeous Bridal Flats

    Today more and more brides choose flats because they want comfort and style at once. Walking and dancing the whole day is much easier without heels, especially if you are not used to them. Today you can find so many pretty flats for any taste and of any color, that there’s (more…)