Winter Wedding Makeup Guide: 6 Tips And 36 Ideas

Winter Wedding Makeup Guide: 6 Tips And 36 Ideas

    Winter wedding makeup is a tricky thing because first of all, it may be a bit cold or really cold, second, winter light is special and you need to look shiny and gorgeous. These tips and ideas are going to help you to save your skin from cold and be the most beautiful winter bride ever.


    In the fall and winter we all need to change our skincare regimen and hydrate the skin much more. Don’t try many new products as it may cause allergy or irritation, just swap some of them. Do moisturizing facials and you will get a perfect canvas for makeup on your big day.

Say No To SPF products

    Most of SPF products give your skin an oily look, which isn’t the best thing for a wedding. Sunscreens may give you a pale look, which is especially obvious in outdoor pics with snowy settings as snow reflects light.

Opt For Creamy Formulas

    Liquid and creamy formulas will hydrate and provide better coverage in the winter because your skin is usually drier. Creamy blushes and highlighters look very natural and they can be touched up if you need.

Consider Waterproof Makeup

    Use long-lasting and waterproof products to avoid smudging. Remember that a waterproof mascara is a must for a bride because most of them drop at least a tear or two at the ceremony or even cry.

Go Bold

    Bold lips look amazing in snowy settings or in pale winter colors, and you’ll look fresh. Bolder colors tend to have longer lasting pigments that won’t wear off like lighter neutrals.

Consider Winter Light

    You need light-reflecting foundations and concealers, blue-toned lipsticks and blushers to flatter your skin.

by Mia

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