90 Stunning Winter Wedding Nails Ideas

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! A wonderful song and a cool idea for a winter wedding manicure, don’t you think? Yeah, today we’ll speak about winter bridal nails: the hottest trends, elegant classic options and unique nail art ideas.

Trendy Winter Wedding Nails

What’s hot right now? Velvet, that’s one of the current trends popping up, and you can see such nails on Instagram and TikTok. This is a beautiful and very cozy idea that is sleek but looks like real velvet. Marble effect is also on, and if you want to add a slight touch of pattern, this is it.

Shiny Winter Wedding Nails

Holiday wedding nails should shine! Choose black and gold or black and silver and add shining top coats or an embellishment, and you’ll look extremely elegant; one more solution is a glitter manicure or at least some accent nails, and you may also rock gold and silver foil – that’s a hot solution not only for a holiday but for any glam wedding.

Winter Wedding Nail Art

For the brides who wanna have fun with their nails, make a statement or accent their looks, we advise cutie nail designs like Christmas patterns, cable knit, snowflakes, snowballs, penguins or Rudolph deer and any other that make you feel like winter.

Nude Winter Wedding Nails

Nude nails are the most timeless option, whatever you style and colors are, nude nails will be always on top, and the good thin is that you may continue wearing them as long as you want after the wedding. Choose colder shades for winter or go for your favorite nomakeup manicure in a super neutral blush tone. Feels boring? Add an accent nails or a bit of gold foil and voila!

French Winter Wedding Manicures

French manicure never goes out of style and looks actual. Go for various options like ombre, French nails with very thin tips, French nails with accent nails, geometry, color blocking and some images.

Bold Winter Wedding Nails

Feel like rocking some color? Do that! Hot red, deep purple, emerald, blue – whatever inspires you and matches your look is welcome!

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