30 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Nails Ideas

30 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Nails Ideas

    Every bride strives to have everything perfect on her big day. Nails, makeup, a hairstyle – everything should be amazing! Today we’ve prepared some cool winter wedding nails that are sure to inspire you – they are showing the hottest trends for bridal nails.


    Neutrals are timeless, so rocking neutral nails is a great idea – such a manicure will fit a lot of bridal styles. Cream, ivory, white, greys and other neutrals are a perfect manicure idea that will fit your bridal look and afterwards you can go with these nails on a honeymoon, which won’t look great with some super whimsy nails.

Glitter Nails

    A nice idea for a bride is glitter French manicure, or a French topped with some glitter or rhinestones. Actually, you can add rhinestones and glitter to absolutely any manicure and any color – navy, deep purple, red, burgundy and so on, and there are different colors of glitter to choose. You may cover your nails with glitter of various sizes and make ombre glitter or usual glitter. Create patterns with glitter or rock just one glitter accent nail – this way you’ll give your nails a festive feel.

Other Ideas

    A classic red or burgundy manicure is a timeless thing, and it will look amazing. If you are a Christmas bride, you can rock real plaid and gold glitter nails to add a holiday spirit to your look. Get inspired!

by Mia

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