4 Tropical Wedding Makeup Tips And 19 Examples

4 Tropical Wedding Makeup Tips And 19 Examples

    We continue sharing some ideas for those who are going for a tropical wedding. Today we are speaking of tropical wedding beauty tips that may help you look flawless on your big day.

Take Care Of Your Skin

    Keep your skin healthy by using vitamin-E-and-aloe-enriched products. Get a facial the week before your wedding, exfoliate the day before, and drench your skin overnight in moisturizer.

Choose A Solid Foundation

    Humidity-proof foundation will keep your look in place instead of falling in droplets onto your gorgeous wedding dress. Apply a lightweight, cream-based foundation and use it only where needed. Take extra care to cover any blemishes with a matte concealer that matches perfectly with the shade of your matte, humidity-proof foundation. Bring two shades of foundation, so you can color-match when you tan—very important for photos.

Go Natural

    Choose colors that complement your skin, and add a little glow with gray eye shadow. Rather than mascara, opt for a lash tint, which looks lighter and won’t smudge. For a natural flush, use a cheek stain instead of blush. Finish off by outlining and filling lips with a liner, then cover with gloss.

Mind The Sun

    Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a UV ray-repelling ingredient, you should select a version with an SPF between 15 and 30.

by Chloe

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