35 Stunning Bridal Hair Vine Ideas

35 Stunning Bridal Hair Vine Ideas

    Brides today prefer fresh flower crowns more and more often because it’s a hot trend but sometimes such a headpiece doesn’t fit your style or it’s too hot, so the blooms can wither. I have a refined and chic hair headpiece idea for you that is gaining more and more popularity now, and this is hair vines.
    Hair vines have various configurations, can fit almost any bridal hairstyle and match different styles, from garden to formal. They can be worn with a veil and without it, there are various colors and designs available. Let’s have a look at the coolest ones.

Hair Vines For Updos

    Updos are favorite bridal hairstyles because they are chic, stylish, fit any styles and bridal outfits and are long-lasting, which means that you will look perfect all day long. Hair vines seem to be created to highlight your updo – there are amazing halo-shaped headpieces that you’ll love! Crystals, beads, pearls on silver and gold bases look feminine, refined and adorable. Accent your elegant updo with a cool statement or subtle hair vine.

Hair Vines For Loose Hair Or Half Updos

    Half updos and loose waves look so cute and adorable with hair vines! Your waves and curls will be highlighted the best way possible with them. You can take a halo-shaped headpiece or a cascading halo hair vine with pearls and crystals for a cool look.

Hair Vines For Braids

    Braids are getting very popular among brides today, and you can accentuate your braid with a hair vine, too. It should go down the whole braid, and it can be constellation one, a floral or leaf one, depending on your style and outfit.

by Chloe

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