25 Ultimate Braids And Braided Hairstyles For Brides

25 Ultimate Braids And Braided Hairstyles For Brides

    Braids became popular several years ago, and they are still extremely popular everywhere, from camps to catwalks. Brides love braids, too, and many of them decide on this or that type of braid to look effortlessly chic. I’d like to share some new and fresh braided hairstyles that can be worn on your big day and that you haven’t seen everywhere. Let’s have a look at them.


    A braid is a great hairstyle for many wedding styles and themes, and there are many different types of braids to try – from milk to fishtail ones. Make two braids coming into one, accessorize your braid with foliage, moss or blooms, add a sparkling headpiece – there are many more ways to make your hairstyle more special.

Braided Half Updos

    If you feel like something more romantic, try a half updo with braids. It can be a long messy ponytail with a braid, waves down with some braids on top, a braided half updo with wavy locks down, and accessories are up to you. Most brides add flowers or foliage to such hairstyles to make the look more graceful.

Braided Updos

    An updo is a great way to get a picture-perfect look for the whole day and night if needed. You can go for a messy or more elegant updo, with braids on top or a low bun with waves, and there are many ways to accessorize such an updo. You can put some flowers inside the hairstyle, some greenery or add a small and cute rhinestone hairpin or hairpiece to highlight the elegant look. Get inspired!

by Mia

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