45 Romantic Wedding Half Updos

A wedding hairstyle is one of the most important points when you are styling your bridal look – your hair will finish it off and will highlight the style. Wedding updos are the most popular type of wedding hair, and wedding half updos take the second place but this year they seem to become leaders. Comfortable in wearing and utterly romantic, these hairstyles are suitable for medium and long hair, for straight and naturally curly and there are many ideas to choose from, let’s check them out!

Wedding Half Updos for Long Hair

If you have long locks, a wedding half updo may be a natural choice as really long and heavy hair cannot be always styled into an updo, for example. You have a wide choice of beautiful styles to go for: with braids of all kinds, with messy and loose waves, with volume and twists. Most of such hairstyles will fit a boho bride, though romantic and modern brides will find something for them, too.

Wedding Half Updos for Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair can be styled into a half updo, too, for a more romantic feel in the look. These are often twists and braids and braided halos paired with waves down. There aren’t as many options as for long hair for a certain reason but you can still choose from a wide variety of options. Such a hairstyle is usually easy to DIY, so you might not need a hair stylist.

Wedding Half Updos for Naturally Curly Hair

Got natural curls? Show them off with a dreamy wedding half updo! All you need is to make a twist up and let your curls cascade down and a beautiful wedding hairstyle is done! Though you may try more complicated ideas with twists and braids, too.

How To Accessorize a Wedding Half Updo?

There are tons of accessories for a wedding half updo, every bride will find a piece for herself! First of all, I’d advise to take a look at fresh and dried blooms and greenery – this trend isn’t going anywhere and such detailing is great for many bridal styles. Second, if you love intricate and delicate details, think of embellished and pearl hair vines interwoven with your hair. And option number three is various embellished hair pins and headpieces of your choice – anything that seems perfect for your wedding outfit. Get inspired by the examples below and make your look outstanding with a beautiful hairstyle!

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