35 Ultimate Long Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles are a concern for every bride-to-be a bridal look will be one of the focal points at the wedding and everything should be amazing. Your wedding hairstyle will finish off the whole outfit, so it’s very important to choose a right one. I’ve prepared a whole bunch of ideas for brides with long hair, and I’m sure you will find something ultimate here to apply to your own hair!

Wedding Updos For Long Hair

If you hair is really long and thick, a low updo might be the only option you can get of updos but don’t worry – there are lots of looks to choose from! Low buns and chignons, twisted and braided updos, side updos, with and without volume on top, with braids on top, with locks framing the face and so on. Accent your hairstyle with a chic hairpiece or a branch with green leaves and voila!

Wedding Half Updos For Long Hair

A half updo is currently the most popular option among brides with long hair. Try a large variety of such hairstyles: braided halos and just braids hanging down and mix up with locks and waves, twisted and curly elements, buns and knots paired up with waves or straight hair or braids and much, much more! The possibilities of styling your hair and accessorizing it are timeless: from celestial hairpins to dried blooms that are extremely trendy – the whole world is in front of you!

Wedding Braids And Ponytails For Long Hair

Ponytails and braids are a trendy solution if you have long hair as you can play with it in various ways. Messy and voluminous braids of various kinds, sizes and looks, braids with waves down – this is just the beginning of the list of actual braids. As for ponytails, they never go out of style, and you may get both a very sleek and tight version and a messy and wavy one with a volume. Get inspired by more ideas below!

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