30 Coolest Hairstyles With Hair Down

Half updos keep their second place as the most popular hairstyles after updos, they are elegant, romantic and can easily fit almost any bridal look. A half updo is also a long-lasting idea that will keep you picture-perfect if not the whole day long, then the most of it. A half updo can be done on medium and long hair, though some short hair can be also styled this way, and though long hair allow more options, shorter hair can look great in a half updo, too. Ready to see the best examples?

Hairstyles With Long Hair Down

Long hair allows a lot of ideas of a lovely half updo: a side half updo or a usual one, a twisted or braided halo or both, several braids or several twists or both, twists or braids on the sides, braided ponytails together with waves and just waves down and much more. You may accent your beautiful hairstyle with a delicate hairpiece or headpiece, with some pearl hairpins, with fresh flowers and greenery and so on.

Hairstyles With Medium Hair Down

Medium hair can feature some twists or a braided halo with waves or textural hair down. This is a chic and cool option for a lovely wedding look, and you may also accent your hair with blooms, rhinestone and pearl pins or a lovely hairpiece. Get inspired by the ideas below and choose your perfect hairstyle!

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