36 Black Wedding Shoes And Boots For A Statement

36 Black Wedding Shoes And Boots For A Statement

    There are many bridal shoes trends currently: neutral ones, laser cut ones, lace ones and floral ones and much, much more. But besides there’s timeless classics – black and white, and black wedding shoes are popping up a lot, if it’s not a new trend, then what is that? More and more brides choose black shoes for their big days as black is a chic idea and such shoes can be worn not only to a Halloween or gothic wedding, they can be a nice fit for an elegant minimalist, modern, urban and many other weddings, and if we take boots – they are great for elopements! Here are some ideas that are sure to blow your mind!

Black Wedding Shoes

    Black wedding shoes are timeless, they will never go out of style and bring an elegant feel to the look. There are tons of ideas to go for and none of them are boring! Black strappy heels, black lace up shoes, black velvet flats, black lace heels, black embellished shoes, with ankle and T straps, with pearls and rhinestones, with embroidery and studs – every bride will find a proper pair for herself. Besides, such shoes can be worn to parties afterwards.

Black Wedding Boots

    If you are a fashion-forward bride, you may like some bold black peep toe booties with lacing up or semi sheer black booties with appliques. If you are planning an elopement to the woods, lake, mountains or any other place with not very comfortable walking paths, think of rocking black suede or leather boots, usual or combat ones to feel cozy during the wedding. See them all below and get inspired!

by Chloe

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