25 Trendy Wedding Booties Ideas

25 Trendy Wedding Booties Ideas

    If you want to show your personal style and follow trends, why not try cool wedding booties instead of shoes? I don’t mean cowboy ones, I mean very sexy and stylish booties or modern brides. Wanna some hot ideas? Here they are!

Neutral Booties

    White, ivory and nude shades are the most popular for such boots, they show that these are bridal boots and show off your style the best way possible. These can be sheer ones, lacey ones, just textural boots with floral appliques, beads, pearls and cutouts. Stiletto heels look awesome, and peep toes are a must!

Colorful Booties

    If you wanna make a statement with your booties, try blush, navy and gold, burgundy and even black booties. They can be suede, lace, with rhinestones and sparkling beads. Try all jeweled sparkly booties for a chic and bold look!

by Chloe

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